Safely Hauling an Oversized Load

Posted on: 24 August 2021

When you are faced with a need to move an oversized load, it is important to appreciate the risks and challenges that can come with this type of project. Adhering to the best practices for these projects can be essential for keeping the risk of an accident low while also avoiding expensive fines.

Oversized Loads Can Require Specialized Vehicles

In addition to potentially being wider than a standard traffic lane, oversized loads may also be extremely heavy. These two factors can require them to be moved with a specialized vehicle. These vehicles will have the towing capacity to be able to safely move these items while also providing anchor points that can be used to secure the object to the trailer. When loading the item onto the trailer, the center of gravity should be as close to the center of the trailer as possible. This can reduce the amount of strain that the straps or chains that are holding the item in place will experience.

Have the Necessary Permits for the Oversized Load

Due to the unique hazards that oversized loads can pose as well as the increased strain that they can put on the roads, it is common for jurisdictions to require individuals and businesses to obtain a special permit to be able to haul an oversized item. Regardless of the fees that are required, these permits are critical for ensuring that your hauling work is in full compliance with the local laws. Otherwise, the penalties for any accidents that are caused could be greatly increased, and there may be a chance of the shipment being detained until the appropriate permits have been obtained. Contact oversize permit services to learn more. 

You May Need to Have Warning Vehicles Escorting the Oversized Load

Oversized loads can put other drivers at substantial risk as they may have difficulty with noticing the oversized load as well as estimating the amount of clearance that exists. As a result of these potentially serious hazards, it is often required for warning vehicles to escort these loads as they are being transported. These vehicles will have flashing lights and signs that warn drivers of the wide load. In situations where the load will extend into the neighboring lanes, these vehicles can also block traffic to prevent drivers from attempting an unsafe pass. Luckily, there are shipping services that specialize in oversized loads, and they will be able to easily provide escort vehicles when they are needed.