4 Important Skills For Being A Truck Driver

Posted on: 4 December 2020

If you are thinking about pursuing a career as a truck driver, you will need to get a CDL license. There are also a variety of skills that would help you succeed with this career path.

Important Skill #1: People Skills

Many people wrongly assume that you don't need people skills to be a truck driver because truck drivers spend hours on their own. However, that is not true.

If you want to succeed as a truck driver, you need to maintain good communication with the shippers and companies you work with. You also want to maintain a good relationship with your dispatcher. Maintaining good relationships can help you advance your career.

Important Skill #2: Cleanliness

Your truck is not just a vehicle that you drive; it is your workspace. Keeping your workspace clean will show that you respect and value your job. It will also make driving and living in your truck more pleasant.

Keep cleaning supplies, as well as a small dust broom, in your truck. Clean and wipe down your cab regularly. Use containers to keep things organized inside of your truck. Use air purifiers to keep the space smelling good and clean up right away. You don't want your boss to open-up your cab and find it a mess; respect your job by keeping your cab clean.

Important Skill #3: Organizational Skills

As a truck driver, you will have to keep up with a variety of different paperwork obligations. You need to ensure that you have an organization system for tracking things such as break times, hours on the road, and your delivery schedule. Being organized can help you run more efficient routes and help you land better-paying jobs.

Important Skill #4: Mechanical Skills

You don't need to be a mechanic to be a significant truck driver, but it helps to have some necessary maintenance skills. As a commercial truck driver, you need to make sure your vehicle can pass a DOT inspection at any time, which may require you to set-up and make simple repairs to your vehicles. Having mechanical knowledge will also help you know when to get your vehicle to the mechanic for repairs.

If you want to succeed as a truck driver, in addition to getting a CDL and pursuing endorsements on your licenses, having organizational, mechanical, and people skills can help you advance your career. These traits can help you get further in your career. 

For more information about truck driving jobs, reach out to a trucking company.