Making Sure Your Helicopter Ride Is Exhilarating

Posted on: 9 September 2019

The exhilaration of experiencing breathtaking scenery from a helicopter is a thrill like no other. While some people get weak in the knees at the mere thought of soaring high above the ground, there's no need to be afraid. When you're well-prepared for your tour, you'll forget about your unfounded fears. Here are some things you can do to ensure that you'll have the time of your life on your helicopter ride.

Don't Worry About Motion Sickness

Don't let your fear of motion sickness stand in your way of enjoying the spectacular sights. It's easy to nip motion sickness in the bud when you are prepared for it. If you have gotten sick during air travel in the past, it may have been because you did not take steps to prevent it.

Motion sickness can sneak up on you, however, it is often very preventable. You will enjoy your trip more if you take your over-the-counter medication an hour or so before boarding the aircraft. If over-the-counter medications don't help you with your symptoms, talk to your doctor about prescribing a motion sickness transdermal patch that is worn behind your ear. You may feel a little drowsy at first, but it will be well worth it because you'll be able to concentrate on the gorgeous view rather than fearing that you're going to be sick.

To augment the effectiveness of your medication, wear acupressure bracelets on your wrists. These bracelets work on the pressure points of your inner wrists to keep motion sickness at bay. Everyone who rides in a helicopter, especially if it's their maiden voyage, feels some unusual movements during take-off. These are not movements and sensations that people normally experience, and because of this, you may become a little anxious. However, after the first couple of seconds, you will find these sensations exhilarating and fun.  

Use The Bathroom Before You Board

Because of all the anticipation and excitement, you might forget to use the bathroom before boarding the aircraft. Some people believe that helicopters are similar to commercial aircraft in that they have lavatories; however, they do not. If you do not use the bathroom before boarding time, you'll have to wait until you land. Trying to relax and staying focused on the scenic beauty will help take your mind off your need to use the bathroom. Most air tours last for only about half an hour, so you won't have to wait hours before you can use the restroom. 

Let The Pilot Do His Or Her Job 

While you might want to chat with the pilot while he or she is flying the aircraft, think twice before you do it. In addition to flying the aircraft, the pilot has the complicated controls to monitor. Distractions from piloting the aircraft can jeopardize your safety and that of the other passengers, so reserve your questions and comments for before you take off or after you have landed.

Some tour companies provide passengers with pre-recorded tour narrations that are heard through their headphones, which keeps the passengers engaged and informed. It also reduces chatter between passengers in the aircraft so that the pilot can better concentrate on the task at hand. In addition, when the pilot does not have to talk about the highlights of the tour, he or she can better focus on flying the aircraft.   

If you want to treat your family or that special someone in your life to an exhilarating experience, consider a helicopter tour. Following the above suggestions will help ensure that your experience is a pleasant one and one that you will want to revisit again and again.