Boat Transport Tips for New Boat Owners

Posted on: 12 July 2019

Heading out to sea and enjoying your new boat is something you likely can't wait to do. However, getting an oversized boat to the right destination is not an easy task. If the boat is too large, you cannot simply pull it down the road and hope that DOT won't notice. Boat transport services can assist you in make sure your boat arrives at a secure location, such as commercial marine, boatyard, or shipyard.

Here is some insight on how you can safely transport your boat.

1. Avoid Breaking State Regulations

Measure your boat to determine if a boating transport company will be required to move your boat from one location to another. In most states, you do not need a wide load permit to transport your boat as long as the width is within 102 inches. A transport company can tell you if your boat is considered oversized, thus saving you the headache of figuring out how to move it. Transport professionals have all the equipment necessary to haul your boat from one location to another safely and securely.

2. Save Money

When you find a boating transport company, you can work in a few money tips and tricks to help save money on the overall costs. For instance, talk to the company to find out when their next transporter will be in. Try to arrange to have your boat shipped out on the same day the transport arrives so you only have to pay one-way fuel costs.

If making arrangements with the next transporter does not work, you can save money by scheduling your transport as far in advance as possible. Try to schedule the move at least three months in advance or more. If you have come down the wire and need to ship your boat out as soon as possible, another option is to talk to the transporter operator. They will sometimes negotiate a deal with you as a means of filling any gaps they have.

3. Ask About Wraps or Covers

Ask the transport company about wrap or covers for boats. If your boat is getting hauled across the water, leaky seams can allow water to enter your boat and cause damages. Some companies will shrink wrap boats they transport as a way of protecting them from various elements. If wraps or covers cost extra, it is a wise investment to consider maintaining the quality of your boat during transport.

Why Use a Transport Service?

Transport services can reduce the stress of transporting your boat from one location to another—whether it's over both land and sea. You can then fly or drive to the specified location where you want your boat so you can enjoy the open sea.

Boat transporters are familiar with both land and maritime regulations to ensure safe, secure, and legal transport of your boat. Considering that boats are an expensive investment, you do not want to get caught up in a bunch of legal red tape during transport. A qualified transport company can help you avoid the headache involved with the legalities by ensuring all regulations are met.

If you are needing to have your boat transported, contact a company near you to find out what you need to do. Make sure to ask about schedules and routes so you can have your boat delivered to the correct location by the date you need it. Keep in mind that there may be delays during transport. Delays may arise due to weather and mechanical issues. Talk to the company to find out more about how delays can impact the delivery of your boat.