Storing Your Motorcycle In A Motorcycle Trailer

Posted on: 24 May 2019

Traditionally, motorcycle trailers are used to transport motorcycles rather than store them long-term. However, if your motorcycle is going to need to be put in storage for some time, a motorcycle trailer can fulfill that purpose. Many people store their motorcycles over the winter, when they're on vacation, or when they're recovering from an injury. Here are some tips for storage your motorcycle in a motorcycle trailer.

Add Some Type of Dehumidification Technology

A dehumidifier is something that reduces the moisture in the air. Since a trailer isn't built for long-term storage, condensation can build up inside of it over time. This moisture won't just damage the body of your motorcycle. It can also grow mold on your motorcycle. As many know, it's almost impossible to get rid of mold once it's been established, and you could end up needing to replace the leather.

Chemical dehumidifiers are like those little absorbency packets you occasionally find in food. They're usually in the form of a pellet or a powder that will automatically suck moisture out of the air. 

Remove the Motorcycle's Battery

Whenever you're storing your motorcycle for a long period of time, you should remove the battery. Batteries will corrode over time, as well as lose their charge, and they're filled with volatile chemicals regardless. Store the motorcycle's battery separately, and you'll reduce the complications you'll encounter when you try to use your motorcycle again. If it remains idle for a long time, you may need to charge your motorcycle's battery once before using it again.

Make Sure Your Motorcycle is Secure

Because a trailer is meant to be used as transportation, it may move around a little. It's meant to be maneuvered. You need to make sure your motorcycle is secure, by setting it up vertically and also tying it down as much as possible. If the wind moves the trailer or if someone bumps into the trailer, the motorcycle will remain safe and situated. Additional padding may be necessary for particularly heavy bikes.

Secure the Trailer Itself

Finally, make sure your trailer is well-secured with a padlock and chains; you don't want your motorcycle stolen out of storage! Many people will target trailers because they know there's likely something important inside.

If done properly, storing your motorcycle in a trailer can make for a convenient, easy experience. Not only will your motorcycle be nearby when you need it, but you'll have full control over your security and its safety. Don't forget to change your insurance when you aren't using your bike!

Reach out to a dual motorcycle trailer supplier to learn more about motorcycle storage.