Sign Your Antique Group Members Up For A Charter Bus Tour

Posted on: 28 February 2019

Antiquing offers you the possibility of discovering unique treasures that can be showcased in your personal gallery or den. If you oversee a community group that is geared toward antique collectors, planning a chartered bus trip for your group members can be a great way to introduce them to ancient relics or valuable collectibles from other parts of the country.

Choose The Destinations And The Length Of Stay

If you have received publications that showcase antique shows that will be featured in the near future in a neighboring state, consider adding a couple of the activities to your itinerary. Plan an event that includes visiting a particular region. The amount of funding that you have to afford the trip will dictate whether you would like to make the outing a day one or an overnight adventure.

If you choose to go with an overnight charter bus tour, you will be responsible for making reservations for your guests. This includes ensuring that the bus driver will have a suitable place to sleep at night. The fees that you are going to be charged will be explained to you during the reservation process.

A reservation specialist from a charter bus company can assist with setting up the tour package so that your schedule reflects the activities that you would like your group to participate in and will feature some downtime that will allow your guests to explore on their own.

Inform Your Group

If you will be responsible for paying for the charter bus trip, determine how many people would like to attend the outing. If your would like to offset some of the costs associated with the tour, then come up with a fee that will cover the accommodations, food, and antique shows and present this information to each of your group members.

Tell the participants that they will be responsible for any personal belongings that they bring with them and should try to pack light so that they will have enough room in their suitcases for antiques that they would like to purchase. A charter bus will have a storage compartment that can be used to house luggage.

Inside of the bus, there will be overhead compartments that can be used to store personal belongings that each person would like to keep nearby. The bus that you reserve may also include entertainment features, such as DVD players or monitors. If you and the others can view movies while onboard, request that a few of your members bring some viewing materials that everyone can watch while en route to the first destination. 

Contact a company, like Cardinal Transportation Ltd, for more help.