Plan A Special Birthday Party For Your Boss

Posted on: 5 October 2016

If you and your fellow office workers are in charge of planning a birthday party for the owner of the business that you work at, the following ideas may help make the event one that is well-received and appreciated.

Ride Around In Style

Reserve a limousine or luxury sedan from a rental company that provides chauffeured rides. If you are going to be surprising your boss, have the chauffeur pick them up from their home, prior to the start of a typical work day.

Instead of needing to go into the office to complete standard work-related activities, have the chauffeur drive them around town and stop by places that your employer doesn't normally have time to visit. Riding in a comfortable and stylish vehicle will help your boss feel pampered and refreshed. 

Serve A Banquet

Contact a popular restaurant that offers catering services and set up a meeting with the event coordinator from the business to select food options for the party that you are holding. Test each choice that you are presented with so that you can select items that you feel will be a hit at the celebration.

Request that the food items are set up across a banquet table so that your employer and co-workers can help themselves to whichever items they desire. Once the birthday extravaganza has ended, the catering crew will clean up the mess and you and each of the guests will be able to head home at the same time, which saves you a lot of hassle.

Provide Entertainment

Find out some of the entertainers that your employer prefers, if possible. If not, use your own judgement and interview a variety of performers to find one who you feel will impress your boss. A magician, dancer, singer, or musician are some types of entertainers to consider hiring for the event. Once you have interviewed several, hire one and make an agreement with them to perform during the birthday celebration at a specific time.

Your employer may be mesmerized by the uniqueness and professionalism that the entertainer exudes and may temporarily forget about all of their normal responsibilities so that they are able to enjoy the show that is being put on for them.

If all goes well, your boss will have a great birthday and will appreciate the effort that you and your peers have made in order to make their special day one that is memorable.