How To Spend A Couple Of Fun Days In San Antonio, Texas

Posted on: 26 February 2016

Have you ever been to the Alamo City before? If so, you are probably drawn back to it again and again. If you've never experienced the charm of this beautiful city, you're in for a treat. If you're flying in for just a couple of days of fun, don't worry about the shortness of your holiday. You wouldn't be able to see all that the area has to offer in a lifetime, but you can see a heck of a lot in a short time, if you plan your trip carefully. From taxi service to points of interest, here are some things that might help you plan a memorable mini-holiday.

Hotels And Taxis - The most famous points of interest are found right in the heart of the city. For that reason, try to stay downtown. There are magnificent hotels right on the famous River Walk, but don't feel cheated if you can't stay in any of those. There are great hotels in the surrounding area, and even close to residential areas. You'll find great taxi service right from the airport to your hotel. The taxi drivers in San Antonio are very used to tourists, so expect friendly, safe drivers who know their way around. In fact, they may even tell you about places off the beaten trail that the natives frequent.

Day One - Get up early in the morning and head to a restaurant for some huevos rancherospan dulce and other Mexican cuisine. When your bellies are full, start walking! You can't leave San Antonio without seeing the historic Alamo. Be sure to allow enough time to see the huge Live Oak tree in back of the main building. From the Alamo, treat yourself to the sight of beautiful hotels, some which claim to be haunted. La Villita is by the river and it offers quaint shops where you can buy one-of-a-kind souvenirs. If you're feet are tired, take a trolley or a taxi over to the Mexican market where you can buy things like Mexican vanilla, silver jewelry, handcrafted furniture and beautiful clothes.

Don't pass up the opportunity to have more Mexican food for dinner, as San Antonio is known for it's great Tex-Mex menus. Find out which restaurants offer mariachi music to add extra fun to your evening. And, don't forget that you can go by taxi to restaurants outside of the city limits. San Antonio also has some great steak houses.

Day Two - Part of the fun of visiting San Antonio is going to the little towns that are close by. Get a taxi to take you to Boerne, Wimberly, New Braunfels, Kerrville or Fredericksburg. In any of these quaint towns you'll get the flavor of the German culture that helped to establish them. And, the taxi drive through the hill country of Texas is worth the ride, even if you don't get out of your car. If you're in San Antonio during the spring, the field flowers will be in bloom. If you visit during the summer months, prepare for very hot days. That might be a good reason to visit the swimming holes in the New Braunfels area.

Don't forget your camera so that you can record the two memory-making days you spend around San Antonio. Contact a business, such as Union Taxi, for more information.