3 Facts To Know About Tipping For An Airport Shuttle Ride

Posted on: 19 February 2016

When you find yourself riding a shuttle to the airport, it's easy to spend the few minutes in transit going over your flight itinerary, making sure you have all your necessary paperwork and perhaps even checking in for your flight on your smartphone. Despite these important matters that need your attention, it's important to avoid overlooking the level of service that your shuttle driver is providing. The best way to show your gratitude -- other than expressing your thanks when you climb off the shuttle in front of your airport terminal -- is to give the driver a tip. If you haven't previously gone through the process of tipping a shuttle driver, here are three things to know.

Give A Buck Or Two

You should plan to be carrying a bit of cash on you so that you can tip your shuttle driver at the end of the ride. A conventional approach is to give your driver $1 or $2. Remember, this is a small price to pay, considering that many shuttles to the airport from locations such as hotels are complimentary. You might opt to tip a little more generously if the driver performed a service that went above and beyond the call of duty, such as delaying his or her departure time upon spotting you running through the hotel lobby.

Add A Little More If The Driver Handles Your Luggage

When you board the shuttle to the airport, you typically have the choice of carrying your own luggage or having the driver load it into the vehicle for you. If you choose the latter convenience, it's proper etiquette for your tip to reflect this added service. The norm for handling your luggage is to tip $1 per item. It's worth considering tipping a little more generously if any of your pieces of luggage are extremely heavy or difficult to handle; the extra tip acknowledges the shuttle driver's extra effort to help you.

Look For The Tip Jar

While there's certainly nothing wrong with handing your cash tip to the driver before you walk toward your airport terminal, you shouldn't feel that you have to delay your entrance to the airport to get face time with the driver. If he or she is busy helping another shuttle passenger with luggage, simply look for the driver's tip jar. It's often mounted on the dashboard of the shuttle, making it easy to place your tip inside.

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