Using A Party Bus For A Special Occasion

Posted on: 16 February 2016

Traveling together in a group is desirable and enjoyable for a special occasion or event. When you have a group of 20, 30, or 48 people, you can rent a party bus for group transportation. A party bus handles all of the responsibilities of driving, parking, and itinerary, and the participants arrive safely, relaxed, and on time. Here are a few events and occasions when a party bus can be a great advantage: 

The Prom - The perfect event for a party bus is group transportation to and from a prom or formal school dance. Traveling in a group is fun, but a young adult driver can get distracted when driving with an excited group of friends. A party bus places a responsible adult in the driver's seat to pick up all prom and party attendees and get them to the venue safely. After the event, a party bus can take everyone to a special restaurant for a celebratory meal.

Athletic Event - A party bus can be rented to transport a sports team, fans, friends, and schoolmates to and from an important school athletic event. Traveling together in a group builds spirit and excitement for a big game. In a party bus, a group of young adults can get as excited as they wish because the driving is being taken care of by a licensed professional driver.  

Concert or Live Event - Attending a special concert is another reason to rent a party bus. Contact the party bus company ahead of time to plan specially selected music for the drive to and from the concert or live event. A party bus can also use their colorful interior lights to make the ride special and build excitement for the concert.

Wedding - A party bus can transport a bride and groom in style to their wedding. It can also transport all of the bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents of the bride and groom, flower girl, ring bearer, photographer, and wedding official. If all of the participants and guests arrive together in their formal wedding attire, they can have a private wedding ceremony almost anywhere such as on a beautiful beach or a remote mountain top. 

Progressive Dinner - You can use a party bus to transport all participants of a progressive dinner to the different dining locations for each of the dinner and dessert courses. While on the party bus, the participants can play a game of guessing where the next location will be and what food will be served.  

Special Birthdays - Young children and teens can ride in a party bus to a birthday party for one of their friends. The party bus can be decorated with balloons and the birthday guests can play games and win prizes while traveling to and from the birthday party.  

Sightseeing - When you have family and friends visit from out of town, you want to show off your location and take them sightseeing. A personalized tour itinerary can be planned with a party bus to include public and private locations and sites. 

Renting a party bus can be an integral part of a party or special occasion event. This unique group transportation serves to bring everyone together before and after the event and is a good way to show care and concern for all. Contact a party bus company, such as Bolt Transportation, to start planning your next big event.