Bachelorette Party Bus Safety Tips

Posted on: 11 February 2016

If you are excited about riding around in your party bus during your upcoming bachelorette party, then it is important for you to stay safe for your upcoming wedding day. Follow these tips to ensure that all of your party bus travelers are safe and secure:

Only Rent from a Professional Transportation Company

The first step in party bus safety is to always utilize the services of a licensed and insured transportation company. Before you put down a deposit for your bachelorette party's bus, first ask for a copy of the company's:

  • proof of liability insurance
  • proof of vehicle registration
  • Transportation Carrier Permit (TCP) number

If the transportation company cannot provide you with each of these three things, then you should rent from a different company. Liability insurance is very important in case the party bus is involved in an accident. Vehicle registration lets you know that the bus is legal, as does the TCP number of the bus.

Stay Seated While the Bus is Moving

Even though you are permitted to walk around on the party bus while it is driving down the road, you should try to stay seated as much as possible. Staying seated will help to prevent injuries in the case that the bus has to stop short or runs over a large bump in the road. When you are walking around you are a danger to both yourself and others.

Control the Alcohol Consumption on the Bus

If you are providing the alcohol for your bachelorette party's bus, then you can actively help your guests become less intoxicated by providing alcoholic beverages such as beer, champagne, and wine. These options have much less alcohol in them than harder liquors such as bourbon, rum, and whiskey. This will help prevent your guests from becoming too drunk or sick.

It is also helpful if you bring food and non-alcoholic beverages along for your party bus if you are permitted to do so. Eating food will help your partygoers to better metabolize their alcohol. Non-alcoholic beverages will give options to your guests so that they will not feel the need to drink an excessive amount of alcohol.

Never Allow Strangers on Your Party Bus

Finally, it is never safe to let strangers you meet at bars or other venues onto your party bus. When the bus is in motion, the driver is not able to help you if you run into any problems. For more details on renting transportation, contact a business such as A&A Limousine & Bus Services.