How To Ride Town Car Service From LAX

Posted on: 4 February 2016

If you are flying into Los Angeles International Airport, or LAX for short, and you want car service in order to get around the city while you visit, you can pay for a town car service LAX. There are a couple of different ways to catch and ride a town car from LAX, and here they are, from most expensive to least expensive.

Taking the Car from on the Tarmac

If you have quite a bit of political or financial clout, you can have a town car service meet your private plane on the tarmac. This is usually more expensive because you will have make arrangements with the airport and pay them for permission to allow the car to drive onto the tarmac to meet your plane. However, if you have enough money for your own plane, then the extra costs associated with getting your car on and off the tarmac is probably miniscule by comparison.

Taking the Car Service from a Different Exit Point

LAX has a couple of exit points for passengers to leave the airport and catch some form of transportation. Usually this means catching your car from the most commonly used exit, but if you want more privacy and a quicker, safer exit from the airport, you can catch your car at one of the other exit points. This is less expensive than catching the car on the tarmac right off of your plane, but more expensive than catching your car at the common exit. You will need to call ahead and get clearance from the airport so you can pass through this alternate exit unhampered and/or unannounced.

 Taking the Car at the Main Exit of the Airport

Finally, the last option and the cheapest of these three is to catch your ride at the main exit. Get details from the car service in advance so you know what the car looks like and what the license plate number is. This will help you get into the correct car. Some town car services also offer, for a small additional charge, a chauffeur who will hold up a sign with your last name or code word on it. Then you can find your driver and your driver can find you. Be sure to hold onto the company's number and/or the driver's cell number so you can contact them if the driver is not there when you arrive or you cannot find him/her.