The Blessed Components Of Mountain Biking

Posted on: 1 February 2016

A hobby that satisfies a lot of desires is that of mountain biking. There are very few hobbies that allow an individual to get into the beautiful outdoors and get a tremendous workout at the same time. Mountain biking is one such hobby. Some of the most beautiful scenery is only accessible on the back of a mountain bike. For this reason, mountain biking is becoming a very popular hobby. Getting the gear to go mountain biking can be tricky. There are so many different components to a good mountain bikes that it can be difficult. Obviously, if money is not an issue, get the best of the best. However, building a good bike on a budget is important. This article will outline the 3 most important components to a mountain bike. 


The base of the bike is going to be one of the most important things that you purchase. A good frame is worth its weight in gold. There are those that buy a cheap frame and it cracks right off the bat. A good frame is tough and light. This will allow you to ride without carrying a lot of extra weight and it will also give you many mountain miles. There are different types of frames that offer different characteristics. The workhorse of all frames is chromoly steel. Chromoly steel is light, strong, and flexes very well. This type of frame is a great place to start building your bike.

Front and Rear Derailleurs

If a bike is not fun to ride, then why ride? Another extremely important yet often overlooked component of a mountain bike are the front and rear derailleurs. Often called "gears," shifting smoothly is extremely important in having an enjoyable ride on the mountain. This consists of a chain and multiple sprockets, which allow you to change "gears." If you are able to shift easily while riding, your experience will be much more enjoyable. 

Make It Or BRAKE It

This is another component of mountain biking that is often overlooked. There are many times when mountain biking that braking on a dime is very important. A person does not want to be heading down the mountain and have faulty brakes. This may seem like an obvious component, but not all brakes are created equal. There have been many times when individuals skimp on their brakes, and they truly pay for this mistake. 

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