Planning A Limo Trip? Remember To Have A Tipping Plan

Posted on: 13 January 2016

Few methods of transportation are enticing as slipping into the back of a luxury limo and traveling to your destination in high style. Although the rental contact and payment deposit might be out of your mind by the time you're actually riding in the limo, you shouldn't completely forget about the process of money changing hands. Tipping is not only the best way to convey your thanks for the services provided by your driver, but it's also a sign of proper limo etiquette. Before you get picked up, it's worthwhile to develop a tipping plan either on your own or with your travel partners to avoid any potentially uncomfortable situations at the end of the journey. Here are three things to include in your plan.

Know How Much You Should Tip

Every tipping plan should begin with an understanding of the tipping norm, and preparing for a limo trip is no exception. It's conventional to tip your driver within the 10–15 percent range. The range affords you the flexibility to tip a standard amount or opt for something a little more generous based on how you perceive the driver. Passengers often tip more generously when the driver excels at reaching each stop at the desired time and interacts in a friendly manner with the members of the group. Knowing how these attributes can affect the tip allows you to watch for them while you travel.

Decide Who Will Contribute To The Tip

Don't make the mistake of not having enough money to tip the driver because you'd mistakenly hoped that your fellow passengers would chip in. Be up front with your group before the day of the trip -- do you expect each person to contribute toward the tip? If so, provide the group with the expected tip range and ask people to be sure they have enough cash. If you plan to handle the tip on your own, conveying this message can help you avoid confusion.

Be Ready Upon Reaching Your Final Destination

As you approach your final stop, it's polite to quickly put together the amount that you wish to tip -- placing it in an envelope, if desired -- so that you can give it to your driver upon exiting the vehicle. As the person who rented the limo, make a point out of being the last one to climb out. This way, you'll be able to give a final inspection of the passenger area to ensure no one in your group left anything behind. Once you've confirmed this fact, thank the driver for his or her attentiveness and give the tip. Look for limos in your area.