Traveling To A Corporate Outing: Which Type Of Motor Coach Should You Choose?

Posted on: 12 January 2016

Whether you are hosting a corporate weekend retreat or a daytime seminar for your staff, getting everyone to the chosen location safely and on time is important. Knowing which type of motor coach to rent can improve your experience and ensure that everyone is comfortable for the duration of the trip. Use this guide to learn the benefits of several motor coach styles so you can choose the right option for your corporate event.

Mini Bus Rental

Mini buses offer seating for small groups and are ideal for short trips. If you are planning on shuttling your employees to a nearby conference center or restaurant for your meeting, a mini bus might be the right option for you. Mini buses also offer a great option if you need shuttle transportation for your staff to the airport for an out-of-town conference or retreat. Arrange to have the bus meet your group at your place of business to ensure that everyone in your office is able to find and board the bus headed to the airport.

School Bus Rental

School buses are ideal for moving a large group of people to a local venue. They offer an economical way to transport your employees, but they are typically light on added features. You can rent a school bus from a local school district, but you may be able to find school buses that don't have the trademark yellow paint if you rent through a transportation company. Consider renting this type of bus if you are operating on a budget or if you are planning a short drive for a your entire staff.

Executive Motor Coaches

Executive motor coaches are ideal for transporting senior executives or important clients to your corporate outing. These buses offer first-class amenities, such as restrooms, bar areas, table-style seating and even mobile workstation setups. You can rent a motor coach for a short trip or an overnight journey, giving you and your guests a comfortable way to travel.

Tour Buses

Tour buses are ideal for longer trips to corporate weekend retreats. They offer restrooms and luggage storage, and many also offer reclining seats for more comfortable sleeping while in transit. Renting a tour bus may be more affordable than paying for all of your employees to fly to your chosen destination, although this depends on the length of the trip, cost of airfare and other considerations. If you are looking for a more luxurious way to transport your staff to a nearby conference or meeting center, a tour bus offers a more luxurious alternative to a school bus.

Your local transportation company can help you select the right bus for your event. Be sure to consider the cost and the available amenities so you choose the best option for your staff and your budget. To learn more, contact a company like Woodlawn Motor